3 Ways to Improve the Accuracy of Your Drone Models with 3D Mapping Software

3D mapping software has the potential to revolutionize workflows across a host of industries. Many professionals already use 3D modeling software to create accurate, drone-generated models. But as with any technology, creating an accurate model with 3D mapping software takes some practice. The good news is that by using DroneDeploy—or making a few adjustments to your […]

3D-Printed Models and Infrared Sensors Provide Exciting Opportunities for Analysis

In terms of creating quality data for scientific research, the team’s GIS expert will import the 3D point cloud from DroneDeploy into ArcGIS and analyze the site’s location compared to the expected progression of lava and mudslides after a major volcanic eruption. They have also equipped their DJI Inspire with infrared and multi-spectral sensors. Grass […]