Development of online betting services

The emergence of online casinos is associated with three different areas

The first is the development of the gaming industry, which declared itself in the 1970 in land-based casinos. Over time, slot machines began to be equipped with new software, gradually replacing the old-fashioned electromechanical automata. The updated slots had the best (at that time) computer graphics and used computer information processing. In the seventies, software was also developed for blackjack strategies using professional card calculation systems. The development of software for gambling in an ordinary casino served as the first step for further development and improvement in this direction. If you are looking for some really good online casino try Pin Up casino.

The first years of the casino is not in demand

The weak distribution of computer equipment among the masses and the distrust of users to casinos on the Web are affecting. Remittances, data entry of your bank card, lack of guarantees simply frighten the players. All this affected the fact that by 1997 the casino in the network was no more than 15. For comparison, today about 40 new gambling establishments open every day on the Internet. The popularity of casinos on the Internet comes in 1999, when several large bookmakers and manufacturers of specialized software enter the market at once. In the gambling segment, fierce competition immediately arises, which leads to the mass appearance of new services.

However, at that time there was not enough “mechanism” that would connect the computer network with the main server and use the gaming applications stored on it

This problem has been completely solved with the development of the Internet. In the early 1990s, the Internet became a widely available tool that was originally used as a means of communication. Users could connect to the Internet from their computers and communicate by sending messages. Soon, however, the hidden potential of the network for other areas of life became apparent.

The third factor was the legislative mechanisms

This happened in 1994, when a small island state of Antigua and Barbuda adopted a decree authorizing the legalization of the Internet casino industry and the issuance of licenses. So the first laws appeared for the gambling industry. Antigua and Barbuda and today remains one of the most attractive and popular locations for the development of the gambling business.

Now it only remained to combine these three mechanisms together

Microgaming was the first developed software for online gambling. It was founded in 1994 and it’s located on the Isle of Man. However, this software lacked a main component, without which the casino could not become full-fledged – the security necessary for conducting financial transactions on the Internet. This missing element was provided by Cryptologic, founded in Ireland in 1995 and developing network security software. Thus, the first electronic payment systems that could be used in online casinos began to appear. In 1996 was created the first Internet casino InterCasino, developed by Cryptologic.

The level of security of players’ finances and fairness of the game, the traditional weaknesses of online casinos, are gradually increasing – eCOGRA company appears, which is responsible for issuing certificates and licenses, as well as casino audit company PricewaterhouseCoopers. Casino profits are growing on an exhibitor, more and more people are seeking to win real money, sitting at the screen of their computer or laptop. During the heyday of the industry, the most avid players from the United States and Australia spend an average of $ 2,000 per month on online casinos, and the total profits of the game organizers amount to billions in annual revenue.

Since then, the online gaming industry has begun to evolve rapidly. In 2006, there were already more than 2,300 online casinos, online websites for interactive poker and sports betting with a total income of more than $ 15 billion.