Order accounting software

Need a convenient accounting software for your online store? Business is gaining momentum, and you can no longer cope with the flow of orders? Want to sell more by investing less, that is to work more efficiently? Software https://precoro.com/ – the perfect accounting system! It solves the main tasks of the back office: order processing, delivery control, warehouse accounting, purchase management, customer base management, financial control and sales analysis. Appreciate its advantages! Simple, in a few clicks integration with popular CMS for online store. Mobility – access from anywhere with the Internet. Quick start. Trial period – register and try it right now, it’s free.

Software features for online store

If you have launched an online store, and it is gaining momentum, then sooner or later you will need an accounting program that will help to effectively organize the management and operational accounting of online commerce. What is used at the beginning? While the number of orders is small, less than a dozen a day, the processing of orders is usually on paper or in MS Excel. With the growth of business, in order not to slow down the pace of development, it is necessary to switch to specialized software.

The good news is that now you can choose between implementing a traditional order processing program, which is installed on a server or computer, and using cloud services that work in an Internet browser and thus provide its main advantage – mobility. There are other advantages of the accounting program for an online store, working through the Internet: security is higher, complexity is less and, of course, savings. What should an accounting system for an online store be able to do? The main tasks of the back office: order processing, delivery control, warehouse accounting, procurement management, financial control and sales analysis (based on accumulated statistics). For example, to process customer orders on time, you need to be able to reserve goods, track order statuses, distribute orders by courier and print the necessary documents.

Why do I need automation and a program for processing orders? Saving time for routine operations allows you to build up your staff more slowly. Analysis of statistics will allow you to make the right decisions. And control over employees and compliance with procedures will allow you to quickly turn from a startup into a mature successful company. A handy directory of customers and contacts. Checking for duplicates, user fields. Information card – all customer data on one screen: order history, average receipt, number of purchases, sales amount and many other indicators. Base segmentation by all indicators, including cohort and RFM analysis. Discount and bonus programs for customers.

Integration with email and SMS mailing services, telephony and others. Management of managers: tasks and reminders, notifications about task status and comments. Analytics: the funnel of sales by customers and orders, profitability and sales statistics, profit and loss. Remainovers: actual and reserve. Product specifications and serial numbers. Work with commission product. Sale of sets. Barcodes: generation and printing, scanners. Labels and price tags – visual editor and convenient printing. History of purchases by product and by counterparty. Import of invoices and price lists of suppliers from Excel.  Purchase planning: creation of orders to suppliers from customers’ orders, automatic replenishment of warehouse to the minimum balance, order based on sales statistics. Complete set matching. Notifications that the goods are running out, overdue shipments and others.