How to choose hosting for Joomla websites

The popular platform Joomla is written in PHP and JavaScript. To store all the information is used MySQL database. PHP is a scripting language used to create dynamic websites. Currently it is supported by most hosting providers. JavaScript is a programming language capable of giving the pages of the website interactivity, and therefore more attractive and interest from visitors. With it, you can embed on the website a variety of applications and forms. For example, registration forms, polls, questionnaires and so on. MySQL is a database in which all website information is stored. It is ideal for static websites, and the main advantage is the speed of work and the optimum level of security.

Therefore, choosing a hosting for Joomla, first of all you need to pay attention to the support of these components. If the provider does not provide such services, it means that it will not be possible to launch the website on it. Such a bundle is the ideal solution for developers, thereby promoting the platform to a leading position.

Free hosting is not a good choice as it has several disadvantages

One of the main drawbacks is the lack of rights and full control over your website. Placing a website on such a service, you must be aware that the safety of the project may be at risk. The administration can do anything with it. The second major drawback is the understatement of positions by search engines. Search engines have always omitted the relevance of such sites. Low download speeds are a frequent problem with free hosting. Technical support from a free hosting service is very weak or completely absent. Another unpleasant surprise from free hosting is the forced installation of advertising. Moreover, advertising can be of any nature and does not correspond to the subject of the website. This negatively affects the promotion of a young resource and adds a negative impression on visitors.

Obviously, for the normal operation of the website you will have to use a paid hosting, which has a number of advantages. Joomla Hosting FastComet is a really good choice for that purpose.

Among the main advantages are the following:

1. High speed data transfer.

Unlike free counterparts, pages here are loaded almost instantly. This is an important indicator that will determine the attendance and position in the search results.

2. Professional and timely technical support.

If there is a fault or questions about the service, you will be assisted as soon as possible. This is especially important for commercial websites where disruptions can significantly affect profits.

3. Paid hosting for Joomla always warns about upcoming technical work.

In addition, in case of failure, everyone will be aware of the problem that has happened. This allows you not to waste your time looking for the cause and not suspect your website in some problems.

4. The next advantage is the large disk space.

Buying hosting, you can choose a tariff that will meet the necessary requirements. To create information portals or websites with multimedia content, several gigabytes of free space is required. Free hosting never provides this opportunity.

5. On a paid hosting you can place second-level domains.

They are well indexed and quickly remembered by users. In today’s online business there is a lot of competition, so it is important that the website meets all requirements.

Summarizing, we can safely say that only paid hosting is suitable for websites built on Joomla. As free service providers are not able to provide the necessary technical support, organize proper performance and provide sufficient disk space. If you value your time, money, have some big plans on the developed website and want to achieve attendance, then the choice is obvious.