How to choose hosting for Joomla websites

The popular platform Joomla is written in PHP and JavaScript. To store all the information is used MySQL database. PHP is a scripting language used to create dynamic websites. Currently it is supported by most hosting providers. JavaScript is a programming language capable of giving the pages of the website interactivity, and therefore more attractive […]

Mobile traffic accounting via proxy server

Mobile phones have been used much more often nowadays. They became constant companions of many people. The capabilities of a modern smartphone make it an absolutely indispensable assistant in a variety of situations. Many people already can not even presume how to live at least one day without their smartphone. Now it is a mini […]

iSolara Improves Solar Design Workflow and Expedites Sales Process with Drone Maps 1

Business is booming for iSolara, an Ottawa-based solar power design and installation company. Thanks to a government-sponsored tariff program, businesses, especially energy heavy farms in rural Ontario, are reaping the benefits of solar roof panels. But the design proposal process can take weeks to complete. iSolara is using 3D mapping software to streamline their proposal process, […]

What is a devops engineer?

Devops has become a buzzword often used by IT companies. You can find some devops company and check what they can do to better understand the devops methodology. However, they do not always correspond to the principles of this method for a long time. Devops was created to completely change the inconvenient process of developing […]