What is a devops engineer?

Devops has become a buzzword often used by IT companies. You can find some devops company and check what they can do to better understand the devops methodology. However, they do not always correspond to the principles of this method for a long time. Devops was created to completely change the inconvenient process of developing software and improving it. The goal is to take the development to a whole new level, setting a goal to change the approach to teamwork and improve the interaction of different team members.

Due to the emergence of this methodology, there arose the need for specialists of a new generation who would include more diverse functions and possess a lot of different qualities. This profession was called Devops engineer. It is worthwhile to analyze in more detail the whole range of tasks that such specialists face in order to better understand their purpose.

So what is a devops engineer?

First of all, he is a universal specialist who is able to see the entire project as a whole thing. When an error occurs, such a person must understand what the essence of this error is and help to solve this problem as soon as possible. That such a devops engineer can be better understood by examining in more detail his tasks and basic principles of work.

Universal specialist

Devops engineer must understand all stages of software development and be able to restore order in any of them. Most such people can have a good experience as a developer or a programmer. But even some good knowledge in development is not enough. A good devops engineer should have the perceptions and tasks and responsibilities of each of the professionals who are involved in the process of software creation. It is not enough to be a good programmer, since if a problem of a different nature arises, he will not be able to adequately react and understand the essence of the problem in a timely manner. You do not need to be a genius in all areas, but a superficial understanding of each of them is necessary. Without this, such a person cannot call himself a devops engineer.

Connecting link

When working with such a diverse team of specialists, it is simply impossible to avoid some kind of misunderstanding between them. Each of the specialists most often tries to transfer responsibility in one or another area to someone else, and the team’s interaction usually ends there. Devops engineer must maintain an adequate level of involvement of the whole team in the creation of software. At the same time, those who worked at the first stage should actively participate at the last stage. So developers should be involved in the process of quality assurance, which will allow more responsiveness to all the issues in the starting code of the program. The task of the devops engineer is to erase the line between the specialists of each link. Only with such an approach team can work on the creation of software as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Process engine

Devops engineer is not a project manager but he must be a kind of engine that will ensure the integrity and well-coordinated work of the whole team. He is obliged to look at the project from a distance and clearly see the overall picture. But at the same time, he should be able to narrow the circle and look at every single detail. Thus, if any error or bug arises, he should be ready to see it through the eyes of each of the professionals who worked on the creation of software.

Devops engineer is not the profession of the future, it is the profession of the present. Every day, IT companies implant in their work a devops methodology and they are looking for professionals in this field. There are already a huge number of study programs that can train specialists in the field of devops engineer.